Why join?

Learn about economic research: For students who are interested in economics, even if it is not their major, the USC Economics Review (UER) is the perfect place to gain personal research experience and engage with current issues around the world.

Connect with professors: UER members have many opportunities to meet and interview professors at USC.

Huge boost to resumes: Writing for UER is a huge plus on resumes. This experience is often brought up in interviews; companies and graduate schools are very interested in students who pursue economic research outside of the classroom.

Community of intelligent students: UER is a community of fellow undergraduates who are passionate about economics. We discuss world events, personal interests, and share academic and career advice.

How to join?

Email us at usceconreview@gmail.com. We accept members and submissions year round. You can either submit a completed article or fill out a short application including a pitch to join.