From Brexit to the U.S. presidential election, from the Panama Papers to the Petrobras scandal, political and economic fractures and fissures have shaped the majority of 2016 across the world. While basking under the unrelenting sunshine of Los Angeles, it’s easy to see the consequences of socioeconomic illiteracy as a product of chaos. However, as undergraduates at the University of Southern California, we have challenged ourselves to take the abstract laws and theorems and functions and policies from our lectures and research to apply them to the challenges of the real world. While we may not have Ph.Ds, millennials have grown up with the privilege of constant, global access and awareness through the Internet and the advent of social media. With the foundation of the USC Economics Review, we aspire to analyze and comment on economic issues as close to home as LA’s Metro expansion to those as far away as Japanese monetary policy using the unique theoretical education afforded by our studies at USC Dornsife as well as a practical education fostered by our coming of age in the information era.

As we publish our own opinions and explorations of complex topics, the USC Economics Review welcomes you to post your own questions or otherwise challenge us in the comments section. We aim to represent a wide spectrum of ideological diversity and to initiate a dialogue and an understanding for not just those involved in economic academia, but also for simply curious and civic-minded readers. On that note, welcome to the beginning and beyond of the USC Economics Review.

Sincerely, the inaugural USC Economics Review Editorial Board.

B.S. Economics/Mathematics, USC 2018

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